Although not chosen for the award, this is a proposal submitted to a competition held to produce a sculpture to enhance Cincinnati's Findlay Market.  The concept presented here is two part.  One takes the form of an old and stoic tree - built as large as budget and space allows.  It is gnarly and massive, with whimsical beauty. It will embody a history of survival in its dynamic ecosystem, a history known to the market as well.  The second part is a series of “seedlings” that pop up throughout the market as an ever present symbol of rebirth.  As siblings of the tree, they are of the same construction but straight and youthful, showing newness but sharing the DNA of the Old.  Several will be distributed and experienced throughout the Market to build a sense of place.    The construction of the work will be both traditional and highly contemporary, bridging the gap between old and new.  It will be constructed of hundreds of patinaed, triangular Corten Steel plates connected with industrial rivets.  As a geometric system, intentional space between the panels would make the massive trunk become diaphanous upon closer inspection. The materials reflect the industrial heritage of the city and match the market building, which was built of riveted iron. However, the material process would involve robotic plasma-cutting and the faceted skin pattern would be generated algorithmically, placing it securely among the ranks of cutting edge contemporary theory in both art and architecture.  Led Lighting would be incorporated into the leaves to push it even further into the realm of new and exciting experience.  As with all of my work, the elements of this proposal are at once poetic, aesthetic and functional.  The parent tree would be designed to shade and protect a large area, light it at night and collect rainwater to nourish the numerous plantings already seen at the Market.  The addition of a second tree would create a gateway, framing the entrance of the market with the arches of the branches.  The “Seedlings” could be seats, drinking fountains, bollards or numerous other small utility installations.  In the future, more could be built and placed throughout the city as a form of branding for the market, being functional and iconic outposts of the ever-expanding goals of the Market.   
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