Welcome to Modularem Ltd, a Cincinnati Ohio company founded to create exciting, high-value and meaningful Architectural Art.

    Modularem is a vehicle for discovering and promoting the potential of Systemic Design to produce custom tailored solutions to questions of both Art and Design.  The process starts with research, collaborative brainstorming and the conceptualization of a general idea.  Then, designing and fabricating are carried out simultaneously to produce the high-tech systems required to implement the idea elegantly within reality.  The process is ultimately a feed-back loop oscillation between input, cognition and fabrication, where progress evolves methodically and decisions are made rapidly to guide the project toward guaranteed completion.   Form, function, process and poetry are equally considered as a concept develops from part to whole, with emergent opportunities for unexpected beauty indulged along the way, ensuring each piece is truly original. 

    Through this work, I hope to dignify people in the spaces they live, work and visit, and to create the authentic sensations of surprise, delight and significance that they deserve in this new Age of Experience.


      - Jeff Welch










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