Modularem founder Jeff Welch worked with a team of consulting designers at the Michigan firm Bonnette Design to design and develop vehicles for the Marine Industry between 2003 and 2005.  This yacht, produced by Searay Boats in 2006, represents the most comprehensive design developed by the team, who were responsible for providing a multitude of iterations for both the exterior and interior aesthetic as well as finalized drawings and models required for production.  The images here illustrate Jeff’s personal contribution to the project which included hand drawn interior design concepts and the complete development of the digital 3D model, refined to engineering standards and used as the final surface model for the CNC cutting of the production fiberglass molds.  The series of hand drawn helm / instrument cluster concepts were requested by midwest manufacturer Larsen Boats to help define a design direction for their sport boat line.    
assembly render 05_2.JPG
assembly render 04_2.JPG
76 SRAY Galley 02 01-31-05.jpg
75 SRAY Galley 01 01-31-05.jpg
helm-D copy.jpg
helm-B copy.jpg
helm-C copy.jpg
helm-E copy.jpg
helm-F copy.jpg
helm-G copy.jpg
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